Loaded Video

Griffy’s “Loaded” video will make you trip

Aside from chopping up his time between his music and his crew, Jay Griffy prefers to turn up when the opportunity knocks. Fortunately for him, this chance comes up more than the average cat. Give the multi-talented act some drinks and watch him go on his latest video for “Loaded.” Jumping on a Hip-Hop Electro hybrid that complements his rapid fire flow, the “Loaded” video has Griffy going through a psychotic trip alongside his fellow loonies at an undisclosed asylum. While his cohorts are going through a series of struggles, Griffy is getting on a different mental plane, as his medication does more than just treat his illness. Peep the video and stay tuned for more leaks and videos from Jay Griffy.

Watch Loaded below:

Check out of reality with “Loaded” Video

Check out of reality and  into Griffy’s Jays Loaded video for a mental trip that you may not recover from. The side effects of “Loaded” may include: liking, sharing and watching Loaded obsessively!


• Artist: Jay Griffy
• Title: Loaded
• Produced by: Ken Will
• Directed by: Vacad Films

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